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Lidl is launching a range of Scottish craft gins

Lidl is a bona fide gin destination on its own. The supermarket’s own Hortus Gin comes at an awesome price tag, winning blind taste tests and even Good Housekeeping’s taste test this month. Plus, Lidl’s Scottish Raspberry and Rhubarb and Ginger Liqueurs practically fly off the shelves. But the Lidl Scottish Gin Festival changes everything. […]

Suntory ROKU GIN with 6 Japanese botanicals

REVIEW: Roku Gin

Distilled and bottled in Osaka by legendary whisky distillers Suntory, Roku Gin is the first Japanese gin to be sold in UK supermarkets. A little bit of background Roku Gin is a distinctly Japanese spirit. “Roku” translates to “six” in Japanese and their gin draws a lot of influence from this number. The spirit itself contains six […]


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