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Sign us up — the UK’s first gin hotel is now open

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‘Tis the season to be boozy. Which is why now sounds like spectacular timing for the UK’s first gin hotel to have opened.

Yes, we really do mean a gin hotel.

You have The Portobello Road Gin to thank for this Christmas miracle – they’re behind The Distillery, found on the corner of Talbot Road and Portobello Road in London. We’re pretty sure we’ve never wanted to spend the night somewhere more.

(Justin Gardner)

Inside this boutique hotel, you’ll find a working distillery, not one, but two bars and eateries, a gin-making experience, an off-licensed shop and there’s even a gin museum to snoop around. Now that’s our kind of museum.

People keen to pack their bags can stay in one of the three dreamy guest rooms found right above the distillery, where you wake up overlooking the iconic Portobello market.

Naturally, each lodging has a minibar packed with spirits made onsite – as well as your very own record player and vinyl playlist. Perfect for when your gin-soaked haze means you just want to do a spot of dancing crazily round your room (just us? Ah, ok then…)

For the ultimate gin-making experience, The Ginstitute takes up residence in The Distillery. Visitors can make their own unique blend of gin here – with the help of “ginstructors” – for £110 per person.

This is how fun it is to make your own gin, by the way.

Yeah, goes without saying this place knows their gin.

On the ground floor, you’ll find a bar called The Resting Room, where there are plenty of unique gin blends, but also other spirits which have been distilled on site – we’re talking pretty unusual things like avocado and olive oil vodka. Endless experimental cocktails = the dream situation.

Meanwhile, one floor up, GinTonica is a Spanish-inspired bar and kitchen where your humble G and T becomes not so humble anymore. Served in a Copa de Balon – a balloon style glass – to highlight the aromas of the gin, the tipple is often garnished elaborately with fruits, vegetables, herbs or spices.

And, throughout The Distillery, there’s a carefully curated menu of 100 gins from around the world. Maybe not so good if you’re indecisive…but here’s some inspo.

Get us a Portobello Road Gin Red Snapper pronto.

There’s even this beautifully blue gin and tonic – a mix of Portobello Road 171 gin, pamplemousse liqueur, grapefruit marmalade and hop bitters served with Nordic Mist blue tonic water.

blue g&t
(Justin Gardner)

Oh, and did we mention the hotel is located here?

Overnight stays at The Distillery start at £150, and that includes breakfast.

See you in the bar…