13 Reasons Why Our Gin Kin Followers Love Gin!

We recently held a competition through our Facebook Page to win a bottle of Darnley’s Navy Strength Spiced gin. To win, our followers had to answer a simple question: “why do you love gin?”.


Your responses flooded in in their masses and were so fabulous that it made it extremely difficult for us to choose just one winner. We wish you could all have won, and loved your answers so much that we just had to share some of our favourites. So here it is – why you, the people, love gin:


1. Gin has inspired you to start blogs (us too!)


2. There are loads of options for customising gin to suit your tastes (pick up a copy of Juniper Magazine for a super easy recipe for making your own gin at home!)


3. There’s a huge amount of variety


4. You can switch up garnishes and mixers to suit your mood (check out some of our favourite options here)


5. It reminds us of beautiful locations


6. It’s the drink of choice for hay fever sufferers (see our article here!)


7. It inspires creativity


8. There are endless puns to be made from the word “gin”


9. No two gins will ever taste the same


10. Scottish pride – Scotland produces some of the best gins in the world! (discover some of our favourites here)


11. Gin is the trendy person’s drink of choice


12. It reminds us of times with family (and makes us feel classy!)


13. It’s perfect for any occasion, whether that be a hot summers day or a chilly winter’s eve by the fire!


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