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Last Week at The Gin Kin

Gin and Tonic

Our round-up of all the week’s best stories, recipes and reviews in the wonderful world of gin.


We gave the lowdown on our 7 favourite Scottish gins for the summer

Check out our list here. Did we miss any of your favourites?


The Boozy Cow showed us another incredible cocktail recipe… The Edinburgh Gin Fizz!

This glorious cocktail boasts gin, prosecco, lemon and elderflower as its primary flavours. This is too good to miss!


Nick King, certified spirits educator from WSET, taught us how to taste gin like a pro

Now we have no excuse not to do more gin reviews… What a hardship! Read Nick’s tips here.


We created some Game of Thrones themed ice and fire cocktails, in honour of the meeting (finally!) of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen

Cocktails of Ice and Fire

Click here for the full recipe, complete with GOT puns galore! (The night is dark and full of.. gin?)


Alan from the Gin Kin reviewed Ledger’s Tonic

This tonic is apparently the “lowest calorie flavoured tonic in the world”, so we put it to the test! Hear what Alan thought here. Do you agree?