Negroni cocktail, with McQueen Smokey Chilli gin

The Negroni is a drink synonymous with Italian sunshine. While its distinct serve has countless variations, once you hit on your own perfect combination of gin, vermouth and Campari it will reserve a home on your tastebuds that lasts a lifetime.

The drink’s history dates back to the 1920s when the bon vivant Camillo Negroni decided to charge up his Americano with a shot of gin – and so an obsession was born. Its character feels like gin’s equivalent of an Old Fashioned, but while the latter connotes wood-panelled member’s clubs, the former is nothing but relaxed trattorias and the sea tickling your toes.

On one hand it’s easy to build… consisting of equal parts of all its constituent ingredients. On the other hand, that simplicity allows you to compensate for every ingredient according to your personal taste or what’s in your drinks cabinet. Improve a basic gin with a fantastic vermouth, or downplay the vermouth for a signature gin.


Cameron from The Boozy Cow in Dundee talks us through how to make your very own, using McQueen Smokey Chilli gin.

What you need:

McQueen Smokey Chilli gin 25ml
Campari 25ml
Martini Rosso 25ml

How to:

Chill a glass and stir with cubed ice

Pour the gin, the Campari and the Martini Rosso over the block

Garnish with orange tuile

Negroni cocktail recipe


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