From one-off to best value: 5 of the best gin subscription services

If you love gin as much as we do you might be considering one of the many gin subscription services available. Simply sign up and each month you can get the best gin sent straight to your door.

That’s right. Now you can enjoy a gin surprise or two from the comfort of your own home, often at a great price. Here we rate the very best available.


flavourly box

Don’t be deceived by the simple cardboard packaging. Flavourly is ideal for the budding gin connoisseur. Just sign up to the subscription service to receive 3 personalised bottles of craft gin for less than £12 a bottle. Alternatively, you can always discover new flavours via their large selection of one-off gins. Use special code 10OFFDC at the checkout to get £5 off.

What do you get?

3 x 200ml expertly curated bottles of craft gin from small batch distilleries. Includes mixer, snack & meet the makers guide

Price: £34.99 a month.  Free delivery.  Visit the Flavourly website for more info. 


MicroBar Box

gin subscription services microbar

Become a Cocktail Club Member and receive enough spirits to create four cocktails every month. Spirits include gin, vodka, rum, whisky and liqueurs, making this a good option for cocktail fans, rather than
hardcore gin connoisseurs.

It’s a little pricier than the rest when it comes to cost per 25ml of alcohol, but it delighted us to receive
it in the post so we’d recommend this as a gift for friends and family.

What do you get?

8 units of alcohol (includes a variety of spirits), cocktail recipe card and mixers.

Price: £29, free delivery. Payment options: Monthly, 3/6/12 months, plus one-off gift boxes.

Visit the Microbarbox website for more info.  


Little Gin box

little gin box

The neat bottles inside each Little Gin Box pack a punch. The selection is spot-on, featuring craft gins from all over the UK like Orkney, Salcombe and Yorkshire. This is a particularly great choice if you
want a cheap treat for yourself, or you’re gifting it to a friend or family member.

What do you get?

Two 50ml bottles of gin, tasting notes and distiller’s view.

Price: £10, free delivery. Payment options: Monthly, 3/6/12 months. There is a one-off charge when you subscribe rather than a rolling monthly payment. Visit the Little Gin Box website for more info. 


Craft Gin Club

craft gin club

With almost 4,500 members, this is the number one gin subscription club in the UK. And it’s easy to see why. Receiving a full-size bottle of gin every month (or every second month), this is perfect for gin lovers who wish to share a drink with friends.

The snacks and treats enhance the package, giving you all the ingredients you need for a fabulous, and possibly pretty drunk, night in.

What do you get?

A full-size bottle of gin, a selection of tonics, mixers, foodie treats and a 28-page magazine.

Price: £40, free delivery to everywhere in the UK. Payment options: Monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly.  Visit the Craft Gin website for more info. 


Think Gin Club

think gin

Boasting the best gin brands in the UK and beyond, subscribers receive a different, full-size bottle of gin every month. As well as your monthly gin fix, you gain exclusive access to their shop which is packed with gin, cocktail ideas, gift ideas and trivia. There’s no big contract with this one –
you can cancel any time or pause your membership indefinitely, making it perfect for commitment-phobes.

What do you get?

A full-size bottle of gin, complimentary gifts, tasting notes and cocktail recipes. New subscribers receive a gift worth around £20, plus money off their first box.

Price: £40 Payment options: Monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly. Visit the Think Gin club website for more info. 

Our gin reviews can help you choose your next bottle – or two!



Ashleigh Gibbs