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Pink Pig Cocktail | Celebrating London Cocktail Week

Nick Smith
Mix up your very own Pink Pig cocktail

One of the few gin-based cocktails that was worthy of inclusion at the predominately bourbon-focused London restaurant Pitt Cue is Pink Pig.

The rhubarb flavour will remind of you summer days while the garnish (finely sliced in the style of a cucumber shaving) looks fantastic. You can make your own rhubarb syrup (by slowly braising rhubarb in a mixture of sugar and water) but if you’re feeling lazy there’s no reason why you can’t drain the syrup from a tin of rhubarb. After the first taste nobody will judge you.

The Recipe


– 50ml gin

– 25ml lemon juice

– 25ml rhubarb syrup

– Rhubarb to garnish



  1. Dry shake the gin, lemon juice and rhubarb syrup.
  2. Taste and add more lemon or syrup until the balance is right for you, then shake again.
  3. Add ice and shake the drink for a further 10-15 seconds
  4. Strain into a short glass
  5. Wrap a finely sliced ribbon of rhubarb around the inside of the glass

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