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The magic gin that changes colour when you add tonic

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Crafter’s – the label that launched the first premium London Dry gin from Estonia in 2015 – has created a new family member: Crafter’s Aromatic Flower Gin.

This brand new gin is definitely one to impress your friends (or your Instagram followers) with. Due to the rosehip blooms, it’s naturally copper coloured – so, when you add tonic it turns a really pretty shade of pink!

Seems like alchemy, but it’s actually just another amazing act of nature; the reaction is due to the natural pigment found in the cells of rosehip (anthocyanin) which change colour when combined with the acidity found in quality tonic.

Created with 12 botanicals, Crafter’s latest gin is all about flowers – the main botanicals are floral based and include rosehip, rose petals, meadowsweet, chamomile and elderflower. Sounds as gorgeous as it looks, right? The gin is copper distilled in Liviko’s ancient pot still (which originates from the early 20th century and gives a unique taste) and is even packed into a Instagram-able copper bottle, imprinted with a flower design to complement the main ingredients.

This covetable new gin was first produced at the end of September but in a really small batch – just 2000 bottles were made! It was introduced at the Cannes tax free show and, understandably, it received a lot of attention due to its unique color changing effect and the bottle’s stunning aesthetics.

Obviously, Crafter’s Aromatic Flower Gin is one for profound gin fans across the globe… but it’s currently only available in Estonia (which makes it all the more desirable). Fear not: you can get your hands on it soon. It goes on sale internationally in November, so will be ready just in time for the festive party season. Stay tuned to The Gin Kin for more updates about this magic gin.