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Combining chemistry and creative art at Durham Distillery

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Meet Jess, the 28 year old distiller and mastermind behind a range of quality spirits launched by Durham Distillery.

Starting her journey with a five year Masters in Chemistry, Jess quickly moved onto a one year Masters in Brewing and Distilling before landing herself a job in a lab along the way. When asked what inspired her to become a distiller, she replied, “There is nothing I won’t have a go at making – it’s a combination of two things I love, chemistry and creative art, with an end product you can consume. I think this is why I love creating gin!” says Jess.

Jess prides herself on the traditional process the distillery uses. Utilising a 400 litre copper pot called Lily, this method has long been used to create the highest quality gin while ensuring the preservation of its botanical ingredients. And named after the owner, Jon Chadwick’s first born it keeps up with the age-old tradition followed by distillers across the world.

Jess describes her favourite aspect of the job as watching the first drips of gin pour off the still in the morning, and the response she gets from customers.

“I love designing and producing new product lines – our Strawberry and Pink Pepper Liqueur was my creation. The amazing feedback we get from customers is a massive motivator for me, it’s great to hear people love what we make,” she says.

With a real thirst for everything spirit based, Jess recommends trying gin neat to totally appreciate the blend of flavours. One final tip? “If you have to mix it, make it a quality tonic!”

Of course, The Gin Kin was keen to find out what the future holds for Jess.

“I see myself continuing to make great gin. Durham Distillery is all about educating and exciting customers and working with local organisations. We want to build on being a great place local people want to work and I’ve got so many exciting recipes to create and share – I’m only just beginning.”

If you’d like to know more about Durham Gin, look out for our review on Wednesday!

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