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Lidl unveils new gin crisps to its party season food line-up

Will you be trying gin crisps from Lidl?

Following Sainsbury’s triumphant gin and tonic yogurt, it seems the supermarket world can’t get enough of our favourite tipple.

Lidl have created an interesting new flavour for the party season. Picture enjoying your favourite drink in hand, now complete with a bag of Gin & Juniper Roast Pork-flavoured crisps to match. The bag looks simply delicious and can be picked up for an incredible 99p.

The crisps are part of the supermarket’s Deluxe range, a seasonal line which features a luxury selection of food created in Scotland for astonishingly good prices.

The line-up also includes some Scotch Bonnet Chilli crisps, as well as Aberdeen Angus. All comes in luxurious packaging and are hand cooked to perfection. This could be the ideal snack for your Christmas movies, or pick up a few to treat your party guests.

Following Lidl’s announcement that they will be selling hand crafted and traditionally distilled Rhubarb & Ginger and Raspberry Liqueur, this latest product launch shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Rival Aldi recently unveiled a Scottish Gin Festival selling gin bargains from Kirkjuvagr Hand Crafted Orkney Gin to Pickering’s.  The supermarket also revealed a partnership with Eden Mill to sell an exclusive Winter Warmer gin (which we enjoyed over in our reviews section.)

It seems the gin food craze will continue to make its mark. In the meantime, you’ll find us snacking in the corner…

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