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Lidl’s pink gin will return back in stock early December

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It seems only yesterday that supermarket giant Lidl released a special pink gin called Hortus in-store.

For the bargain price of £11.99, the gin was a hand-crafted liqueur available in Rhubarb and Ginger and Scottish Raspberry flavours.

Sounds amazing, right? One problem. The gin was one of the fastest-ever selling gins for the supermarket ever. With over 400 bottles flying off the shelves, it seemed as if getting a bottle of unicorn tears was more likely.  (This, coincidentally, does exist if you were wondering.)

However, the German supermarket has revealed it will bring the bargain gin back in stock, just in time for Christmas. Like a festive miracle, Lidl will up stocks of the liqueur in early December so if you missed out first time this could be your chance to grab a bottle.


Best be quick, however. The bargain price tag is definitely exclusive to Lidl. In comparison, a bottle of Gordon’s pink gin will set you back around £16.99, while John Lewis’ Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb & Ginger Liqueur costs around £18. 

Aldi also sells a Victorian pink gin called Gin Lane , which actually retails at just under £20.  This means, gin fans, if you’re looking for best budget pink gin Lidl has clinched the title.

We have a feeling, however, this won’t be the last of the incredible gin purchases to be made at either Lidl or Aldi. With the release of gin crisps by Aldi to it’s party season food line-up, it seems the popularity of our favourite tipple will only continue to grow.

Watch this space for even more innovative gin products…