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McQueen Gin announces limited edition White Chocolate Raspberry edition

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Fans of McQueen Gin will be very happy to know that the brains behind Chocolate Orange and Smokey Chilli have unveiled a limited edition White Chocolate and Scottish Raspberry bottle.

Just in time for Christmas, the bottles are a striking red colour and retail at £50, exclusively via the McQueen Gin Club. On sale only until November 30, you need to be quick to pick up this bottled beauty.

Let us repeat: a beauty. The bottle is deliciously dark, created in deep red ceramic with a speckled cork and McQueen’s trademark stylish body.

Only 500 bottles will be produced of this limited edition gin, which is signed and numbered. You will also receive a set of tasting notes and the perfect serve.

You can purchase either through the website, or at any event McQueen Gin are attending in November and December.


McQueen Gin burst onto the scene in 2016, turning heads with their range of flavoured gins at great quality. Think Mocha, Sweet Citrus, and Chocolate Mint retailing at the very sweet price of under £30. The gin is usually packaged in an embossed black bottle, so this limited edition bottle is very special indeed.

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This isn’t the first time the dynamic duo Dale and Vicky McQueen have released a limited edition bottle. In August of this year, the pair announced one batch of Elderflower with a Citrus Twist.

One thing is clear you’ll need to snap this up after the first limited edition release sold out. Grab yours now and receive it on the first week of December or collect from their distillery in Callander.

Good news is if you purchase again after November 30, you will receive a special 2018 edition, which will dispatch in February of next year. We think we can always justify more than one bottle of McQueen Gin…

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