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Science says drinking gin gives you swagger

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Feeling pretty fantastic? A large study in BMJ Open has backed up Dutch courage.

If a G&T gives you a spring in your step, researchers at Public Health Wales and King’s College London have found that you’re in the majority.

Spirits were associated with the highest levels of feeling sexy, in fact. Drinking spirits, including gin (of course), vodka and rum, appeared to make drinkers feel sexier and energised.


Almost 30,000 people from 21 different countries responded to the online questionnaire offered in 11 languages. 59% of spirit drinkers in the world’s largest online survey of legal and illicit drug and alcohol use reported feeling confident, especially when compared to just a quarter of wine drinkers or about one in five beer drinkers.

Other results, whilst conflicting, seem to follow the trajectory of a night out. Spirits were reported to be more commonly associated with aggression. 30% of spirit drinks reported feeling aggression after drinking gin, vodka or rum.

Wine and beer drinkers were found to be the most relaxed. We guess that’s the scientific case for pouring yourself a glass of wine or cracking open a beer after work.  But watch out — red wine drinkers reported the highest levels of tiredness.

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Although gin gives you a little something something other drinks don’t, the study found that spirits were the most likely to bring you to tears. Beer and wine weren’t found to bring the waterworks as much in comparison. It’s no wonder gin has such a weepy reputation throughout history.

So does gin leave you shaken, not stirred? Take our poll — we’re interested to know how drinking gin affects you.

How does gin make you feel?

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