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A London distillery barrel aged gin for 400 days

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When gin meets a barrel, wonderful things happen.

Gin, like wine, whisky and other spirits, are magically transformed after barrel ageing. Resting about any alcohol in former wine or sherry casks lends amazing depths to drinks — and colour — you couldn’t get otherwise.

East London Liquor Company (ELLC) will soon release their 400-Day Barrel Aged Gin described by its distillers as “Christmas in a glass.”

Its festive aromas include orange zest, gingersnap cookies and chocolate-covered coffee beans. Don’t mind if we do!

The gin itself tastes of bright citrus and baking spices such as cloves and allspice. It’s so smooth the distillers even recommend drinking it neat. We think its warming citrus notes and light piney bitterness would be right at home in any Christmas cocktail.

Just 401 bottles will be released on 1 December, yours for £49. Check out ELLC’s complete line of barrel aged gins in the meantime. Other barrel-aged releases include gins aged in bourbon barrels and French oak casks.

It’s a handy bottling if you can’t pick between your love of gin, whisky or wine!


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