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OMG! There’s a gin made from Christmas trees

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Rock Rose’s Winter Edition gin is the juniper and Christmas gin love fest that we didn’t know we needed.

Infused with spruce tips collected by Hannah, Rock Rose’s gardener, last December, the Winter Edition has dialled up Christmas tree flavours. This seasonal gin scaled back on the original Rock Rose elements of rhodiola rosesa (AKA rose root) and rowan berries to allow the spruce to shine through.

This earthy and slightly citrusy botanical would be a star to sip next to a crackling fire, wrapping presents or as an utterly festive aperitif!

What gin would be more fitting for bracingly cold nights, punishing winds and 4 o’clock sunsets? The gin is heavy on the herbal notes and reminiscent of stinging nettles with a touch of lemony coriander.

Rock Rose says their Winter Edition gin is one of the few spirits in the world flavoured by Christmas trees.

The Winter Edition is just one of Rock Rose’s superb seasonal gins. Rock Rose gins are distilled at Dunnet Bay, one of Britain’s most northerly mainland distilleries. The herbs, fruits, flowers grown in and around the distillery lend a unique snapshot of the seasons.

So if you missed out on our giveaway, worry not. Get in the festive spirit quite literally with this spruce infused gin!

Rock Rose The Seasonal Editions Winter Gin is available to preorder for £37.50.

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