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It’s the best of both worlds: meet sparkling rosé gin

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Yes, you heard that right. Not content to be either sparkling or pink, it’s sparkling rosé gin all in one!

If you ever find yourself empty handed this holiday season, we reckon Kaava Sparkling Gin and Kaava Sparkling Rosé Gin would fit the bill. The latter is sparkling and rosé and gin — and begging to be popped open for a fitting celebration.

The triple whammy is the brain child of Barcelona Brands. The Spanish wine and spirits company had the brilliant idea to marry cava, the Spanish sparkling wine, and pink gin last year.

Kaava Sparkling Gin Rosé is said to smell of raspberries and a touch sweet. Juniper and bubbles lift the gin, lending crispness and freshness.

Its sister gin, the Kaava Sparkling Gin (hold the rosé) is especially reminiscent of fizz. Apple, pear and apricot greet you on the nose like a classic cava. The finish is long lasting and dry.

Both gins are distilled from the traditional blend of cava grapes: macabeo, xarel.lo and paradellada. The wine is then distilled and rectified with juniper and coriander.

As is typical in cava, dosage (a mix of sugar and wine) is added to the sparkling wine. For Kaava, the dosage is mixed with each gin’s respective botanicals. That’s apple, pear and apricot for the sparkling gin, and raspberry for the sparkling gin rosé. Finally, the mixture is added to the prepared gin and lightly carbonated.

Pink gin definitely ruled summer 2017. Even now, blush is the ultimate Instagram friendly hue in our glasses. So maybe it was just about time someone threw some fizz in there, eh?

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