Wine gin?! A winery made a gin that tastes like sauvignon blanc

As much as we love gin, oftentimes the first thing we reach for is a goblet of wine. Red or white, pink or sparkling, a glass of wine is something especially cherished after a long day at work.

But now you don’t have to choose in the face off between wine and gin. The answer is: why not both?

Luckily, wine gin is a thing. England’s leading wine producer has just launched a gin and vodka. Chapel Down Bacchus Gin is made from, yep, wine grapes. The bacchus grape is England’s answer to the aromatic sauvignon blanc.


Shout out to Oliva Pope from Scandal, the post-work wine queen

Both of Chapel Down’s gin and vodka are made with grapes from the 2016 harvest. Bacchus grape skins are distilled then infused with botanicals: juniper, coriander, elderflower, orris, angelica, lavender, orange peel and lemon.

Josh Donaghay, Chapel Down’s head winemaker said the gin is “a highly aromatic gin from distilled bacchus grapes with intense aromas of citrus peel, juniper and freshly cut grass leading to an early palate dominated by ripe citrus fruit with a herbal finish.”

If you don’t fancy sauvignon blanc, the Kent based winemaker’s vodka is actually made from chardonnay.

While the grapes lend Chapel Down Chardonnay Vodka “the lightest and smoothest of flavours,” the floral aromas are said to lead to a smooth palate and a hint of aniseed.

As much as bacchus gin is intriguing, wine influenced gin is far from a new thing. Barrel aging gin is becoming a big trend.

Just last week the East London Liquor Company (ELL) released a gin that had been aged for 400 days. The ex sherry aged gin is described, quite delightfully we must say, as “Christmas in a glass.”

Chapel Down Bacchus Gin (41.2% abv, 70cl) and Chapel Down Vodka (Vodka (40% abv, 70cl) are available at Majestic for £35 each. Buy directly from Chapel Down’s website in 2018.

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