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Review: Caspyn Cornish Dry Gin

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Asian botanicals, lemongrass and green tea combine in Caspyn Cornish Dry Gin to create a sherbet lemony finish.

A Little Bit of Background

Caspyn Cornish Dry Gin was the first lovechild of the Pocketful of Stones Distillery, based near Penzance in Cornwall.

The inspiration for the gin was the beauty of the Cornish coast in the springtime and it was lovingly named after a stone circle not far from the distillery… or so they thought. Turns out the stone circle wasn’t called Caspyn at all but, the name stuck and Caspyn Gin was born!

The Bottle

Caspyn Gin has a distinctly vintage look. The bottle itself shaped like a classic gin bottle – short and wide with curved shoulders. The label resembles that of an old medicine bottle with both hand-written and type-writer style text.

The handwritten elements give the batch number, bottle number and date of distillation, a feature that gives this gin an extra exclusive feel, which I absolutely love as it shows the care and devotion put in by the Caspyn team.

A sketch of a basking shark dominates the label design, finished off with a wax seal – further adding to the historical feel of bottle.


  • Juniper
  • Japanese green tea
  • Lemon verbena
  • Lemon peel
  • Orange peel
  • Lemongrass
  • Black pepper
  • Orris root

Citrusy botanicals definitely dominate Caspyn’s list of ingredients. There are also a couple of interesting flavours — Japanese green tea and lemongrass from Asia — which I have not seen featured in many gins, especially those from the UK.  This combination makes for a very uniquely balanced gin.

The Gin


On the nose, Caspyn smells delicious. The Japanese green tea is very prominent with a strong zesty scent from their many citrus botanicals – particularly the lemongrass. You can smell the juniper of course but, it doesn’t overpower the essence of the other ingredients, instead letting them shine through in their own right. If you sniff really closely, you’ll also get a tiny bit of peppery spiciness from (shock) the black pepper.


Caspyn is an incredibly fresh-tasting gin when sipped straight. The lemon verbena absolutely dominates here but trust me, that is not a negative as it tastes gorgeous! The gin itself is quite viscous compared to the average gin and has a slightly oily mouthfeel, which coats the tastebuds in a wave of zesty deliciousness. Following on from this burst of citrus is a lovely piney earthiness from the juniper and orris root with floral notes also coming through from the tea.

With Tonic:

In a G&T, Caspyn really shines. The Asian botanicals, lemongrass and green tea, are amplified with the addition of tonic and combine beautifully with the lemon and orange peel creating an almost sherbet lemony finish. If you love citrusy gins, this is absolutely one for you!

The Perfect Serve:

I had my Caspyn with Fever-Tree Naturally Light tonic and a slice of orange, which worked perfectly with the citrus botanicals. However, I’d wager this would work perfectly with a garnish of lemongrass, or Fentiman’s Mediterranean Orange Tonic.