12 of the most Christmassy gins ever

It’s beginning to feel a little festive around here. To celebrate, we’ve decided to talk about our best-ever Christmas gins.

These are the gins that make us feel warm inside. The ones that are so full of wintry spice, we just can’t help but picture pouring a glass or two against an oh-so-Christmassy fireplace…

And then there’s turkey gin. A bit bonkers, but whatever makes you feel festive is alright by us.

12. Spiced Orange Gin

Nothing quite says Christmas like orange, cinnamon and winter spice. It’s a classic festive combination.

£29.50, Notonthehighstreet.com 

11. Rock Rose Winter Edition

scottish gins rock rose gin

What could be so Christmassy about Rock Rose Gin Winter Edition? The bottle looks wintry, sure, but festive? The secret lies in its ingredients: it’s made with actual Christmas trees.

£40.86, Amazon 

10. Chocolate Orange Gin

We’re always delighted to find a chocolate orange in our stocking but we’d much prefer these beauties.

Chocolate Orange Gin, That Boutique-y Gin Company £33.95, The Whisky Exchange 

Spiced Choc Orange, McQueen, £34.08, Amazon 

9. Spiced Apple & Blackcurrant

If orange isn’t your thing, we know you’d love Copeland Gin’s Spiced Apple & Blackcurrant gin instead.

£38.95, Fairley’s Wines 

8.  Cranberry Gin

Because you can’t have a good Christmas dinner without cranberry… gin.

Anno Cranberry & Gin, £39.99, Amazon

Tarquin’s Mulled Cranberry & Tangerine Dry Gin, £30.31, Amazon 

7.  Candy Cane Gin


If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you ought to try Eden Mill’s Candy Cane Gin this Christmas.

£15, John Lewis 

6.  Mince Pie Gin

Inspired by the mince pies of old, Sipsmith created a bit of a masterpiece with this one.

5.  Christmas Pudding Gin

Fancy whole Christmas puddings distilled into a gin? Of course you do!

£34.04, The Drinks Shop

4. Frankincense and Myrrh Gin

We’re fairly sure the three wise men didn’t bring gin but, if they did, we’d hope it would be Batch.

£33.45, Master of Malt

3. Turkey Gin

It sounds like more of a festive nightmare but there really is a form of turkey gin. Portobello Road launched the world’s gin distilled with turkey breast back in October.

2. Edinburgh Christmas Gin

What can we say about Edinburgh Gin’s Christmas edition? It’s box is just so festive it could bring a smile to even the Grinch’s face.

£35.75, Amazon 

1. Yuletide Gin


At number 1, it has to be Yuletide Gin. It essentially is Christmas in a bottle. Yes, really. Not only does it contain Frankincense and Myrrh but also gold and a whole gingerbread house as standard.

£34.95, Master of Malt 

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