Cranberry gin and tonic, with Tarquin’s Mulled Cranberry & Tangerine Gin

It’s the hap-hapiest season of all — and how can it not be with cranberry gin and tonic like this?

Cranberry sauce with Christmas dinner is a bit of a toss up. Love it or hate it, but we’re into it.

In fact, this cranberry gin and tonic is so good we think it’d win over cranberry haters, especially when paired with the deliciously festive Tarquin’s Mulled Cranberry and Tangerine Gin.

Tarquin’s, Cornwall’s most lauded distillery and cult favourite, launched this limited edition seasonal gin just for 2017. You’ll find tangerines and cherries on the nose, then juniper, mulled fruit and spices join the party on the palate.

To make this even more festive, top off this G&T with a sprinkle of cranberries and pluck a rosemary sprig into the mix.

The star of the show, Tarquin’s Mulled Cranberry & Tangerine Gin, sings with an excellent supporting cast. Here the sweetness of the cranberry juice plays off the bursts of tartness and the whiffs of aromatic rosemary beautifully.

Pour, stir, sip. Cheers!

Cranberry gin and tonic



  1. Pour gin and cranberry juice over ice. Stir. Add tonic water and garnishes.
  2. Drink to your heart’s content.

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Ketsuda Phoutinane

The Gin Kin Online Editor. Always up for a dirty martini.