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Gin cheesecake can totally be created the easy way

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We love a good dessert infused with gin here at The Gin Kin. We’ve previously indulged in boozy Lemon Drizzle Cake and fawned over Raspberry-Rose Gin Cupcakes.

That’s why when when we discovered there’s a drinks mixer that creates not only a tasty Bellini but transforms your cheesecake, we had to take note.

Drunken Berries is an infusion of raspberries and London Dry Gin that once added to Prosecco creates a dreamy delight in a glass. It’s a great way to add a fruity gin twist to your fizz next time you celebrate.

That’s not all, however. We love the fact that it creates a coulis base for not just one dessert but TWO.

Pour it over a vanilla cheesecake and top with gin-soaked Boozy Berries for an easy-peasy raspberry gin cheesecake.

Add a raspberry gin touch to your cheesecake with a Drunken Berries coulis and top with Boozy Berries.

Alternatively, you can also drizzle it into meringue and cream to create a Raspberry Gin Eton Mess or freeze it into an alcoholic sorbet ice cubes you can pop into your Bellini.

The good news is the taste is bona fide award-winning. The Raspberry Gin Prosecco Mixer has been twice awarded the Great Taste award in both 2015 and 2017.

You can buy two in a set, either opting for two Raspberry Gins or experiment with your desserts and add Blackberry Brandy Mixer instead.

It retails for £19.99 for two, or if you’re lucky, Tesco may also have it in stock for the bargain price of £5 for one.  That’s reason enough for us to want to celebrate.