5 healthy gin cocktails (with superfoods!) to drink all January

Are healthy gin cocktails a thing?

Let’s make them one, 2018. If you’re not willing to go quite as far as Dry January, trying a few superfoods in a creative cocktail won’t derail any lofty New Years resolutions quite yet.

Most importantly, a non-gin barren January doesn’t have to echo the excesses of December to be pretty dang delicious. In fact, a zesty blood orange cocktail may be the closest to sunshine you could get all day in the UK this time of year. Sad, but true.

So throwing beets and blackberries makes a healthy enough cocktail in our eyes. The superfoods here are a concession to health and the New Year spirit, but really, these drinks are so moreish we don’t really care.

1. Rosemary & Beet Gin Fizz by Adeline Waugh

Credit: Our Body Book & Adeline Waugh

Super colourful and good for you to boot, put your juicer to use for cocktails for once.

2. All-natural gin & tonics by Minimalist Baker

Credit: Minimalist Baker

Superfood: kumquats

The more difficult to find kumquat is worth the effort. Sometimes available in Waitrose, this super juicy citrus brightens up this all-natural recipe with DIY tonic.

3. Blood orange elderflower gin cocktail by The Little Epicurean

Credit: The Little Epicurean

Blood orange, your supermarket staple’s crimson cousin, just came into season. Adding gin + French elderflower liqueur to it is the best idea of 2018.

4. Blackberry gin fizz by Smitten Kitchen

Credit: Smitten Kitchen

Trade your standard G&T for this brilliantly hued and antioxident rich blackberry cocktail.

5. Bon Appetit’s Classic Tonic

This is the foodie’s January elixir. Chockful of unusual ingredients, like black elderberry, ginseng, echinacea and Swedish digestive bitters, this tonic can be drank alone… Or booze it up with gin and club soda.


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