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Gin and Ginger Negroni, with Thomas Dakin

Thomas Dakin
Featured Image for Gin and Ginger Negroni, with Thomas Dakin
Image: Thomas Dakin / PA

Brr, it’s getting pretty chilly out there. There can only be one flavour combo we fancy when the weather turns too cold for our liking.

This Ginger Gin Negroni is the perfect combination of bitter orange and ginger. A Negroni is traditionally made with Campari and Vermouth but the ginger wine adds a different flavour dimension to the cocktail.

It’s also the perfect way to experiment with the growing trend for combining wine and ginStone’s Ginger Wine is the secret ingredient in Thomas Dakin’s remix of a cocktail classic.

Simply add orange peel to garnish, ice to finish, then sit back and savour its complex bitter and spicy taste.

Its gorgeous amber colouring simply needs to be enjoyed next to a roaring fire. We can almost picture resting against a gentlemans chair for this one. Bottoms up!


35ml Thomas Dakin Gin

35ml Aperol

35ml ginger wine

Orange peel


Build all ingredients in a rocks glass over ice and stir a few times with an orange twist.

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