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This pink gin sorbet is serious #drinkgoals

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There’s nothing we like better at The Gin Kin than ogling over a cocktail that looks like it’s been crafted by the hand of a genius.

We thought we’d seen everything when this restaurant in Edinburgh constructed a giant gin snowball in a glass. However, we were oh-so-wrong.

There’s a new cocktail in town people and it looks just so pretty.

This pink gin sorbet takes us away to a tropical paradise and we don’t ever want to leave.

It’s all the brainchild of The Paddocks Clonee, a restaurant and bar in Dublin, Ireland. They’ve been creating seriously colourful creations and posting them on Facebook.

This particular cocktail uses the popular Gordon’s Pink Gin and strawberry garnish to create a striking candy-coloured drink but they also experiment with various mixers.

Fancy a cocktail that resembles a chocolate dessert? How about a Daiquiri Bombay Bomb featuring an actual Bombay Sapphire miniature?

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The bar and restaurant takes inspiration from a range of sweet treats from Kinder Buenos to Marshmallow Fluff to create their gin-ious cocktails.

If you’re feeling a bit chilly you can always toast your marshmallows… with a blow torch.

Warming up ?

Posted by The Paddocks Clonee on Thursday, 4 January 2018

Or, if you fancy pretending it’s summer, there’s always Twister-style cocktails instead:

Tangle cocktails ?

Posted by The Paddocks Clonee on Thursday, 4 January 2018

We, for one, are dreaming of a paradise island full of these dreamy gin cocktails…