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REVIEW: Eden Mill Liqueurs

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With successful beer, whisky and gin brands in the bag, the logical next step for the people behind the popular Eden Mill Love and Golf Gins was a foray into the world of liqueurs.

Launched just in time for Christmas, the Gin Kin team were lucky enough to get our hands on some of the first bottles to sample. Here’s our thoughts.

The presentation

The tall, clear glass bottles let the subtle red, yellow and green hues of the different drinks shine through and would make a great pressie for a gin lover or an elegant addition to any gin cabinet. The liqueurs retail at £15 per bottle and come in a variety of flavours:  Strawberry and Black Pepper, Lemon and Raisin and Pear and Cassia.

The taste

The bottles are conveniently numbered 01, 02 and 03 so it seemed rude not to stick to that order when it came to tasting the liqueurs.

On first inspection, each drink has the sweet syrupy base of a liqueur but there no denying that these are gin-based concoctions.

Each of the flavours start out with Eden Mill’s smooth Slackwater Gin as their base. This gin certainly does shine through giving each liqueur a base of heavy juniper, beetroot and coconut and giving a savoury hit where some liqueurs can veer too far to the sickly sweet.

001 Strawberry and Black Pepper

Tasted neat, this was probably the sweetest of the liqueurs, with a subtle black pepper hit adding depth and interest soon after the strawberry faded.

The signature serve, as suggested on the bottle, is one part liqueur to two parts soda. Served over ice, this was a refreshing drink with the strawberry and gin tastes coming through but the black pepper seemed to fade into the background.

This liqueur also worked well as a Saturday night treat with a measure added to a glass of fizz providing a satisfying twist.

002 Lemon and Raisin

This flavour combination was probably the least appealing on paper but when served neat came with a pleasing limoncello taste with the bitter lemon balanced by the sweet dessert raisin.

Served with a twist of lemon and topped up with soda, this becomes a refreshing drink perfect for an aperitif that I can imagine sipping on a warm summer’s evening.

003 Pear and Cassia

Probably the preferred option neat, with the base of sweet pear complemented by an usual addition of cassia bark to add some spice to the experience.

For the signature serve, pile ice, a measure of 003, some soda and a dash of bitters into a goblet glass and enjoy the longer version of this drink with a slice of pear, the sweet and spicy flavours relaxing into a thirst-quenching cooler.

Apparently, it tastes great in a frozen Margarita and that is probably the fun of this new range of liqueurs, there are no hard and fast rules about how you should enjoy them and experimenting with flavour combinations will be (a very enjoyable) part of the experience.

The lowdown

Each liqueur retails at £15 per 35cl bottle and has an ABV of 25%

Visit the Eden Mill distillery to find out more about the history of distilling on the site and take a tour of the facilities. www.edenmill.com

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