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Edinburgh Gin launch new Gin Tipple Trailer

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Image: Edinburgh Gin

When it comes to a celebration, there’s nothing like a good toast to really get the party started. Every special occasion deserves a bar stocked with the best tipples around, right?

Well, that seems to be the consensus reached by Edinburgh Gin who have launched their very own gin bar trailer.

Converted from a traditional horse trailer, this mobile bar comes complete with an assortment of classic Edinburgh Gin serves, cocktails and gin fizzes. Most importantly of all, however, it just looks so charming that it would be just perfect for event photographs.

Whether your event is taking place in a large garden or you just want to complement a bigger venue, this mini bar is ideal for outdoor events such as weddings or private parties.

Images: Edinburgh Gin

Even better, the trailer can be fully customised so you can tailor it to your individual needs. If you love Edinburgh Gin’s luscious liqueurs, for example, you can include the option to indulge your guests with their very own miniatures or triple pack.

Gin liqueur can be added to Prosecco to create a unique gin fizz your party will most definitely want to raise.

For further information you can visit the Edinburgh Gin website. At present, the Tipple Trailer is only available for hire in Scotland but we reckon that’s yet another perfect excuse to get married in the country.

The only place in the UK you can get married outdoors, we can just imagine a beautiful Scottish wedding against a glen or bank complimented by this fun and funky mobile bar. Now, where do we sign up?