There’s a secret gin run in London for hardcore gin lovers

In the growing overlap between wellness and gin, the trends tend to fall into three categories: low calorie, non-alcoholic and or spa-ified.

Whether your preferred form of wellness is a pre-dawn yoga class or slapping a sheet mask on, gin is entering the health scene in surprising ways.

Enter the gin run. It’s a bit of a carrot and stick situation with 10 kilometres between you and a G&T waiting at the finish with Secret London Runs.

What’s in those water bottles? (Image: Secret London Runs)

Pausing at 10 London gin landmarks, runners can expect some gin knowledge, quirky trivia and games along the way. After about 10 kilometres or two hours, quench your thirst with one well-deserved — and free — G&T and gin goody bag.

Exercise + gin = joy?

And no, you don’t have to be fit already to join. The run is separated into four paces so you can stay in your comfort zone: beginners (half walking, half jogging), steady, speedy and rapid.

The Secret Gin Run kicked off last year and already ranks 8 out of 200 in TripAdvisor’s London outdoor activities.

If you know a super keen gin loving runner, you can make it a gift with a group run or private run voucher. Plus you can even book a private tour for groups up to six and beyond.

Ready to hit the ground running?

Check out Secret London Runs for various dates, tickets and booking.  Tickets are priced between £26.08 – £29.

Gin run… or gin tasting? The choice is yours.

Ketsuda Phoutinane

The Gin Kin Online Editor. Always up for a dirty martini.