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Three Boë gins have arrived in Morrisons

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If there’s one brand that really kicked off the trend for violet gin in 2017, it’s Boë. The flavoured gin connoisseurs have a range of gorgeous tasting tipples that are simply heavenly with tonic water.

Only now, you can nip down to your local Morrisons and pick them up for your Saturday night drinks. Boë has announced that three delicious gin and gin liqueurs will be available in Morrisons stores from this weekend. That’s right. This weekend.

As well as Violet Gin, Boë have also released Scottish Bramble and Peach & Hibiscus liqueurs so if you haven’t tried them yet now is the perfect opportunity.

Take it from good authority, Violet Gin is simply delicious. It tastes a little like sweet blackberry and has a vague hint of purple in the glass in certain lighting.

If you’re looking for a violet gin that tastes like your favourite childhood sweets Parma Violets, however, we also recommend Zymurgorium’s Sweet Violet Gin.

Meanwhile, Scottish Bramble liqueur is rich and fruity, while Peach and Hibiscus is both floral and tangy. Simply divine!

Try adding your gin liqueurs to a champagne or Prosecco. They’re perfect for adding depth of flavour to your tonic but they can really add something special to fizz. You can even opt for lemonade if you fancy something a little bit different in your glass.

Additionally, while you’re perusing the aisles at Morrisons, you may notice that the supermarket giant have added a further five new gins to their current line-up.  If you love gin liqueurs try Edinburgh Gin Plum & Vanilla or Elderflower.

Or, if you prefer a straight up gin that won’t let you down, go for Durham for a light and refreshing taste.

We just can’t wait to see what Morrisons plans to launch next…