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These botanical gins will whisk you away to your very own secret garden

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If you love a floral taste in your glass, then you might be interested in the latest botanical gins to hit the market. Secret Garden Gin, by Old Curiosity Distillery, are three seriously pretty gins that have been developed using all-natural ingredients.

Using a mixture of herbs grown in his very own secret garden, co-founder Hamish Martin teamed up with mixologist Steve Ross and the rest, as they say, is history.

Secret Garden is tipped as the UK’s first completely natural gin. The range is developed using a natural process that’s free from chemicals, sugars, fruit extracts and flavour compounds.

Its medicinal floral botanicals give the gins their magical quality.  Apothecary Rose, for instance, is an ingredient found in ancient tinctures and tonic.

What’s even more enchanting about these gins, however, is revealed once tonic water is added to the glass.

These gins actually change colour right before your eyes. Lavender and Echinacea turns from purple to pink, while Chamomile and Cornflower turns from blue to pale pink.  Each gin is distilled using distinctive plants which, in turn, gives the gins their magical properties.

At the moment, you can pick up these wonder gins over on The Old Curiosity Shop. However, there’s good news on the horizon for those who like to purchase their gin in person.

Secret Garden Gin will be available in Harvey Nichols stores nationwide from 1st February 2018, priced at £42 (50cl bottle).

We also expect that all-natural colour changing gin will continue to be a hot trend for 2018. Keep watching this space…

Until the end of March 2019, every 50cl bottle of The Old Curiosity’s Apothecary Rose gin will come with a free bag of pink rose petals to garnish each glass. Treat a special someone this Valentine’s Day with this stunning tipple expressing your love.

Available for £35.95 on the Old Curiosity website starting February 2019.