Ink gin has officially returned to the UK

Gin lovers, 2018 is about to get a-mazing. You might have noticed that recently we’ve been speaking at length about colour changing gin.  Gin that changes colour when it’s ready to drink; botanical gin that’s made from medicinal florals; gin that looks so incredibly beautiful it must feature on our Instagram right away.

One gin that knows the former all too well is Ink gin from Australia. When Hollywood star Margot Robbie posted her very own Instagram enjoying the drink, the internet practically exploded.

Well, now that very gin is BACK.

Now you can enjoy all the excitement of Ink gin in the UK if you live in Scotland. Distributors Crafty Connoisseur have officially released the gin to Edinburgh’s Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa.

Following a glitzy launch party, the Sheraton is currently the only place in the UK you can try it.

However, it’s not all bad news if you live anywhere else. The gin is occasionally available on the Crafty Connoisseur’s website.  Eagle-eyed readers will spot that it’s currently sold out and has been for a good while.

Sold out: Ink Gin sells out very quickly on the Crafty Connoisseur website.

We can now reveal that Ink gin may just be arriving on the website in February. Currently, there’s no official word on exactly when but, y’know, you should just keep an eye on the website just in case… You might just be in with a chance of snagging one for yourself.

The gin is incredibly popular and sells out quicker than you can finish saying Margot Robbie’s name.

Created from butterfly pea, a flower from Thailand, the gin changes from blue to pink.

Its recipe is based on 13 botanicals from eight countries, including Tasmania Pepper Berry, Guatemalan Cardamom and Egyptian coriander.


Ashleigh Gibbs