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How to find free gin and tonics hidden in the middle of London

LoneWolf gin and tonics
Image: LoneWolf

Update Thursday 12 April

The LoneWolf vending machine is coming to Manchester! On 16 and 17 April only, make your way to the Deansgate entrance at Barton Arcade from 12 to 9pm.

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If there’s ever a reason to look forward to a commute, this is it.

LoneWolf, otherwise known as BrewDog’s spirits brand, is kindly handing out free LoneWolf gin and tonics in London’s Old Street Station. And who doesn’t love free booze?!

For today and tomorrow only, commuters can snag a free G&T from LoneWolf’s hidden vending machine hidden in plain sight in the east London tube station.

What’s the catch? Lucky Londoners will need to tweet #TheWolfOfOldStreet to @LoneWolfSpirits to get a token that’ll unlock the vending machine.

The promotion runs from 12:30-22:00 on 23 January and 12:30-17:00 on the 24th.

The cans are 1 part gin to 4 parts tonic, 8.8% alcohol and 100% free.

Although The Gin Kin has not yet formally reviewed the LoneWolf G&T, it’s the best premade gin and tonic this gin journalist has ever had.

I believed it just wasn’t possible to have a good tasting can of gin and tonic, but LoneWolf have managed to crack the code. Simple as it seems, other premade G&Ts are sickly sweet or clearly artificial tasting. LoneWolf gin and tonics, on the other hand, just taste like a solidly good gin and tonic.

Crisp and carbonated, it’s the can I’d reach for at a picnic or when I need a drink before I’ve even taken off my coat at home. You know the mood.

I only wish we could grab a can on my way home tonight — and this is in no way sponsored!

A few of LoneWolf G&T’s 14 botanicals include: juniper, scots pine, thai lemon grass, kaffir lime leaf and lavender flower.

The tonic boasts cane sugar, natural pink grapefruit, and lemon and lime.

The promotion follows LoneWolf Spirits’ recent release of Gunpowder Gin right before the New Year. BrewDog’s first outing into gin was the late 2016 release of LoneWolf Gin.

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