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Watch out: Welsh and Irish gin are set to take off in 2018

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If you can’t tell, we love Scottish gin. It’s the little spirit that could — and the one that could be as synonymous with Scotland as whisky if the gin revolution keep going at this rate.

We are a Scotland based site after all. It doesn’t help that there are some amazing gins on the east coast of Fife not far from our offices. All that said, we’re not the Scottish Gin Kin. We drink and lust after great gins all over the world. When local provenance is the X factor, unique stories and botanicals are what it’s all about.

So it’s amazing to hear Irish and Welsh gin are soaring.


As reported by the BBC, Welsh gin distillers Snowdonia Distillery, makers of Forager’s Gin, and Eccentric Gins, makers of five gins including Cardiff Dry Gin, reported tripled sales compared to the previous year. Also quite promisingly, sales of Brecon Gin (a steal from Amazon at £18) from Penderyn’s have doubled.

That’s not to mention the number of Welsh gin distilleries have nearly tripled since 2014 from six to 17, according to the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA).

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In Ireland the number of distilleries have multiplied from 4 in 2014 to 18 with another 16 planned, according to the Alcohol Beverage Federation of Ireland (ABFI).

Irish gin like Bertha’s Revenge (Amazon, £36), Gunpowder (Amazon, £30), Shortcross (Master of Malt, £39.95) are all currently available for UK gin lovers to try.

What Irish gin or Welsh gin are you drinking?

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