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Pinkster’s love edition is all we want for Valentine’s Day

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If you love pink gins, then it’s likely you’ve heard of Pinkster gin. Put simply it could quite possibly be the ultimate pink gin.

Made using fresh raspberries, its subtle berry taste is perfect served with an aromatic tonic water, but it can also make a gorgeous pink martini. Simply add raspberries and a sprig of mint to finish.

Then there’s that beautiful blush hue that shines through in the bottle. Pinkster’s packaging is a beauty in itself. The bottle usually comes with a silver and pink label. However, each year the distillers release a limited edition bottle that’s just too pretty to pass up.

We’re pleased to say that the 2018 release is no different. Called “Let the Love BeGIN,” this edition features a paisley heart design with a piercing cupid’s arrow.

The bespoke bottling contains the same delicious small-batch Pinkster gin, lovingly steeped in fresh raspberries, but with added Valentine’s Day attitude.

pinkster valentines
“Let the Love Be Gin” is the latest Valentine’s limited edition from Pinkster.

The bottle retails for around the same price as the original so if you were thinking of trying Pinkster, now could be the perfect time.

We’re fairly tempted to buy it for ourselves but it goes without saying that this is the perfect Valentine’s gift for a gin lover.

Only 5,000 bottles will be made available, so be sure to buy yours as soon as possible.

This year, chocolate is definitely passé, we’d much rather have a glorious bottle of Pinkster Gin to compliment our flowers.

Now to drop the hint to our other halves…

Pinkster Gin “Let the Love Be Gin” Limited Edition bottle is available now for £34.95 on 31Dover.com.