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The Muff Liquor Company has just launched Irish Potato Gin

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Sometimes a gin comes along that makes you do a bit of a double take. It could be incredible packaging, clever marketing or, in this case, just interesting ingredients and a standout name.

The Muff Liquor’s Irish Potato gin has officially arrived and we are so excited.

First things first, let’s address the question: does it contain potato? The answer is pretty much yes. The brand comes from entrepreneur Laura Bonner and her business partner Tom Russell. Using family heritage as her inspiration, Bonner recreated the idea from her grandfather.

A well-known potato farmer in Inishowen, Ireland, he loved to make a beverage with potatoes.

To confirm: the concept of potatoes and alcohol has actually been been around for generations. You can even pick up a potato vodka, if you so fancy. Meanwhile, well-known potato gins include Kirsty’s Gin, Ballykeefe and The Sweet Potato Spirit. 

This gin takes that well-established heritage and includes a fine selection of other base botanicals. Along with potato, it features mandarin, lemon, rosemary and elderflower that sound simply aromatic.

The gin is encased in a tall bottle with The Muff Liquor Company branding that looks pretty regal in royal blue.

As for the Muff name, well, it turns out it’s a village in Donegal, Ireland. It’s near the mouth of the River Foyle and has its very own soccer team grandly called Quigley’s Point Swifts but… back to the gin.

Good news is that the craft tipple is now available to buy in the UK. We hear that the result of all this potato-y-goodness is a fresh and vibrant gin that carries sweet notes and is quite smooth to drink.

Sounds… most delicious indeed.

The Muff Liquor is available now from Master of Malt for £34.95.