The Lakes Damson Gin Liqueur will make you fall in love

It’s official: there’s only one type of gin we want in our glass as Valentine’s approaches. Pink gin never fails to capture our heart so why not celebrate in style with The Lakes Damson Gin Liqueur?

This pink liqueur makes the perfect pink G&T. Enjoy it on its own or top fresh ice cubes with your favourite tonic water. Then, just add a raspberry garnish to bring out the delicate flavour. Added bonus: it looks simply delightful. We’ve got to say we’re pretty tempted to sprinkle the rose petals over.

This liqueur may look rosy but it’s actually made from Damson plum. Typically featuring quite a tart flavour, a glass of this may look quite sweet but expect a little punch.

For those who like a little spice in their glass, Damson Gin Liqueur delivers. Meanwhile, the addition of cherry adds a subtle complexity to the liqueur.  The resulting tipple is something quite fruity, with a little gentle spice.

With its vibrant pink packaging, we think it goes without saying that this gin could be the perfect Valentine’s gift. However, there’s certainly more to this drink than simply pulling it out once year.

Damson is one of three gin liqueurs available from Lakes Distillery. The vibrant range also includes Sloe Gin Liqueur and Elderflower Gin Liqueur.

We just love the funky colours and reckon they’d make a great addition to the gin cabinet all year round.

You either buy a bottle as a 20cl or a 70cl edition. For the 20cl bottles, Lakes Distillery are currently running a 2 for £25 promotion or each individually retail for £15. Alternatively, pick up a 70cl bottle for £27.95

We’ve got a feeling you simply won’t regret it.


Ashleigh Gibbs