A Scottish gin just claimed the title for the world’s strongest gin

We thought we’d seen it all that the strongest gin had to offer last December with Strane Gin’s Uncut Strength Batch 2. But lo and behold, Twin River Distillery has snatched the crown for the strongest gin money can buy.

At 77% ABV, Twin River Naked Gin ‘Uncut’ edition is just 1% stronger, but that makes all the difference in this ABV race. While newly made gin is watered down to its distiller’s desired strength, Uncut is just that — bottled straight from the still.

The Banchory based distiller just released a tiny run of 101 bottles. Expect the 50cl bottles to debut at the Gin Festival: North East in Inverurie, which runs today and tomorrow, 10 February.


Ryan Rhodes, brand ambassador for Twin River, said: “When our head distiller Liam Pennycook tasted the uncut spirit straight from the still, he decided it was too good not to share.”

And how’s it taste? Or rather, does it taste like anything?

“On the nose there is a creamy nutty scent, almost buttery from their in-house neutral spirit made from barley,” said Peter Sim, founder of Aberdeen and Inverurie Gin Club.

“The alcohol has power, but I still get heavy juniper and a sweet spiciness.”

Its makers recommend serving the Naked Gin ‘Uncut’ edition with a twist of lemon or with a pink grapefruit tonic.

Twin River Distillery launched just last year and is one of the many duo gin and whisky distilleries in Scotland.

The Aberdeenshire distillery recently released Dee Gin alongside the opening ceremony of this year’s fishing season. The Twin Rivers Rhubarb Old Tom looks a treat and a fittingly on-trend pink for this Valentine’s Day.

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