Pickering’s Sloe Gin is back & is coming exclusively to Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s is bringing sloe back.

In case you missed it, Pickering’s Sloe Gin has been out of play for months, which makes the news of its return all the more exciting.

Pickering’s Sloe Gin is returning exclusively to select Scottish Sainsbury’s stores as of tomorrow, Sunday 11th February. The full size 70cl bottles can be yours for just £24 — a pretty great bar-gin, if you ask us.

Any interested readers should jump on this deal. Pickering’s Sloe Gin goes on the market for as long as the latest batch lasts, all due to the time intensive process of resting sloe gin.

No news as of yet on whether this release will be available online, but we’ll keep you updated.

The jammy berry coloured spirit is packed with sloe berries, the summer fruit also known as blackthorn.

The depth of Pickering’s Sloe Gin is a given since it’s the result of resting Pickering’s Gin over sloe berries for an incredible 9 months.

Plus, it’s an easy 30% ABV with a bit of a kick that’s perfect for the thick of February.

Sloes actually resemble blueberries, and when picked, are quite bitter. But given some time, sugar and, of course, gin, the mixture turns into a rather delightful winter warmer.

This release follows other wildly popular supermarket and gin brand collaborations. For one, McQueen Gin released two limited edition gins with Lidl just last week. Moreover, Iceland, the budget branched into the gin game with Towpath, their own gin range last month.

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