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Beefeater has launched a strawberry pink gin

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Best news ever? Beefeater Pink Gin is here and it’s available at several supermarkets now, including Tesco.

You heard that right — the legacy gin distiller has joined the wildly popular pink gin market. This release, among many from premium and budget brands alike, proves that the trend is showing no sign of slowing down this year.

Master distiller Desmond Payne MBE perfected Beefeater’s pink gin over the course of months. Its base is the classic juniper and citrus forward Beefeater London Dry Gin. The aromatic strawberry flavour (and colour) is later added after distillation.

Payne was inspired by Beefeater founder James Borrough whose creative concoctions run the gamut from cherry brandy to mint bitters.

The boldly pink drink comes in a stylish glass bottle decorated with eye-catching botanical stencil art.

It’s just in time for peak pink gin season.

Beefeater has already announced many delicious ways to riff on this pink gin. Stuck on ideas? You’ve got Beefeater Pink and tonic, Beefeater Pink Daiquiri, Beefeater Pink and orange tonic, and a Beefeater Pink Collins.

The pink gin is the first product out of The Gin Hub, the stand-alone business that encompasses Pernod Ricard’s gins: Beefeater, Plymouth Gin, Seagram’s Gin and Monkey 47.

In an age of countless start-up distilleries, Beefeater is one of the oldest. Not only was it founded in 1862, but the original Beefeater recipe dates back to 1895.

The Gin Kin is dying to see what one of the most classic gin brands does with the biggest gin trend of the moment.

Beefeater Pink (70 cl, 37.5% ABV) is available to purchase from Tesco stores, £16.50

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