Turkish Delight Gin is exactly what your sweet tooth deserves

If it’s not gin that tastes like Parma Violets making our mouth water, then Turkish Delight Gin Liqueur is a whole new taste sensation.

From the makers of Sweet Violet GinZymurgorium also have a deliciously sweet gin guaranteed to deliver Eastern promise to your glass.

Turkish Delight Gin is lightly rose coloured and features the aromatic flavours of rose petal, mint and, of course, juniper. The end result is a flavour that resembles the perfumed flavour chocolate Fry’s have been promoting since 1914.

It’s a flavour profile we know works well. Just one sip of Edinburgh Gin’s Pomegranate & Rose Liqueur will assure you that the taste of the rose-scented orient is simply divine.

This liqueur can be added to your favourite tonic water (elderflower could be a winner here) while we’d love to see a Turkish Delight Fizz, simply by dropping it into a glass of champagne.

Alternatively, opt for rose lemonade to compliment the petals in the ingredients list, or top with ginger ale to add bite to that sweetness.

Retailing for around £26.50 over on Amazon, it’s one of many zany flavours Zymurgorium have created in recent years. Inspired by nature, culture and science, creator Aaron Darke brings a wonderfully wacky touch to gin-making. 

If you love experimental flavours in your glass, then this might be the one you need to try.

Turkish Delight Gin is available for £26.50 on Amazon now. 


Ashleigh Gibbs