McQueen’s Chocolate Mint Gin is everything we ever wanted and more

Fans of flavoured gin: take note, for a sweet hit in your glass try McQueen’s Chocolate Mint Gin. This tipple takes the concept of the after dinner treat to a whole new level.

Complemented by a quality tonic water, this gin has a deep chocolate-ly richness to the taste. If you’re feeling like mint may be an overpowering flavour here, not to worry. The taste is light and refreshing, with a little chocolate reminder lingering at the back of the mouth.

It works well with an original tonic water, but here’s a little discovery of ours. This gin is especially delicious with Fentimans Botanical Tonic Water.

‘Botanical’ and chocolate together may evoke a vision of a floral taste disaster but hear us out.

Fentimans Botanical Tonic Water actually contains notes of lime. Added to Chocolate Mint Gin, the end result is like drinking liquid chocolate lime sweets.

However, if you’d prefer to enhance the mint, follow McQueen’s perfect serve. Simply add 100ml of  Fever-Tree Naturally Light Tonic Water to a glass with ice. Then garnish with a mint sprig garnish and mint matchmaker.

McQueen Gin Chocolate Mint Gin serving suggestion

Image and serving suggestion: McQueen Gin

The result is a drink that looks just as great as it tastes.  We love the idea of complementing the notes of liquorice, vanilla, mint and chocolate in this gin with the cheeky chocolate addition.

To try it for yourself, The Drink Shop are selling it for a decent £28.33 now.  Mint Matchmakers, on the other hand, we reckon should come as standard in any treat cupboard.


Ashleigh Gibbs