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Here are the winners of the World Gin Awards 2018

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Each year, The World Gin Awards select the very best in internationally recognised styles of gin. It’s a truly global celebration; the World Gin Awards select and promote the world’s best gins to consumers and trade.

This year’s caliber was no exception. Across a multitude of categories, judges had the very hard job of taste testing the finest gins from aross the world.

Last week, first round results showcased a wealth of gin-making talent.

Interestingly, Canadian newbie on the block Empress 1908 sat alongside gins from The Kyoto Distillery and Gordon Castle for Best Classic Gin.

Meanwhile, Whitley Neill, That Boutique-y Gin Company and JJ Whitley were all vying to become best in category for flavoured gin.

Now, however, the final results are out. Hold onto your glasses, gin lovers, but Hernö Old Tom Gin has officially clinched the title of World’s Best Gin for the second year running.

Hailing from Sweden, this top cat features a London Dry line-up of juniper, coriander, cassia, black pepper and lemon peel.

However, it’s also infused with vanilla, meadowsweet and Nordic lingonberries. The result is world class: a gin with delicate floral touches that creates a rich mouthfeel. Simply serve neat with a slice of lemon.

Best Flavoured Gin & The World’s Best Gin Design

Over on the other categories, it was celebrations abound for both That Boutique-y Gin Company and McQueen Gin.

The former won Best Flavoured Gin for their Cherry Gin, while McQueen’s gorgeous bottles took home top prize for World’s Best Gin Design.

Other winners included Ableforth’s classic Bathtub Gin for World’s Best Compound Gin, Strathearn Distillery’s Heather Rose for Best Relaunch Design and Quinine Gin 1897 for World’s Best Classic Gin.

A massive congratulations to all nominated in each category.

For full first round winner results from the World Gin Awards 2018 see here.

Further winner details should be announced over on the World Gin Awards website in due course.