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Cherry Gin should be your next dessert drink

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We all love to indulge in a sweet gin or two, but here’s one that’s officially award-winning. Fresh from the World Gin Awards 2018, That Boutique-y Gin Company’s Cherry Gin was recently declared Best Flavoured Gin.

Given the recent popularity of flavoured gin, this accolade comes as no mean feat. The category saw stiff competition from Whitley Neill, JJ Whitley and others.

However, it was That Boutique-y Gin Company who officially had the cherry on top, claiming not only a prize for this gin, but also for their spit-roasted pineapple gin in bronze position.

What makes Cherry Gin so scrumptious? Let’s start with its gorgeous dessert aroma. On the nose, this gin has touches of homemade cherry pie. The taste has a little touch of spice and citrus that compliments the tartness of the cherries.

It’s also extremely versatile. It makes a delicious cherry G&T or you can bring back 90s cola cubes and add a splash of cola instead.

What’s seriously brilliant about this gin, however, is its inventive serving suggestion. Recently, we highlighted Solway Spirits’ Raspberry Ripple Gin Liqueur.  Immediately evoking the idea of pouring gin over ice cream, we needed the idea to come true.

Well, this gin actually comes with a suggestion to pour it over your ice cream. We sometimes talk about gin as a dessert tipple; now you can actually turn it into dessert. 

Try your very own cherry-chocolate float. Simply coat a tall glass with chocolate syrup, then add 35ml of Cherry Gin and 100ml of chilled sparkling water. Finally, add 1 small scoop of vanilla ice-cream and top up with the rest of the sparkling water.

This result is a truly indulgent treat that makes a great alternative to a dessert. Yes please!