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Pinkster’s Transportable Gin Box Holds an Incredible 3 Litres

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For those who love pink gin, you really must see this incredible bag-in-the-box from Pinkster.

Perfect for picnics or parties alike, this innovative outdoors solution contains a whopping 3-litres of their raspberry infused gin.

Now you can potentially enjoy the delicious taste of Pinkster as you go and refill whenever you please.

It’s all the latest innovation towards helping out the environment. By using bag and box packaging, the idea is to cut down on glass waste.

Pinkster on Tap is all about convenience and sustainability delivered in an eye-catching, stylish format.

In other words, rather than ordering bottle after bottle, you can now refill in a stylish way and save a few pounds in the process.

This box is the equivalent to just over four regular bottles, while also saving you £15 and a whole load of glass recycling.

If you’re unfamiliar with the bag-in-the box concept, think wine. A nip along to any supermarket will show you boxed wine on tap.

Yet, now it seems that the idea is making a resurgence in popularity. Pinkster is one of the first spirits companies to incorporate the design.

It could also be the ultimate way to enjoy a cheeky G&T outdoors.  As the warmer weather sets in, now you can take your bag-in-box along to a summer picnic or festival to share with your friends. If you just don’t want to lug around a heavy glass bottle, now you don’t have to.

As well as convenient, Pinkster hope this new innovation will shed the often negative perception of boxed wine as cheap and cheerful.

With a recommended retail price of £135, this isn’t necessarily a Friday night pick-up for an evening alone.  However, it’s definitely one to consider purchasing for a party or a larger-scale event.

The concept is certainly ideal for trade. However, this hasn’t stopped smart individuals enquiring about how to get their hands on one over on Twitter.

If you’re intrigued, you’ll find this latest release over on the Pinkster Gin website now.

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