6 gin Easter eggs we need to feast on immediately

Call us eager, but we simply can’t wait for Easter to arrive. Of course, there’s nothing better than gin but chocolate is a pretty equal contender.

That’s why we’re delighted to know that gin Easter eggs exist. Between a sumptuous chocolate egg and the wonderful taste of gin, what could possibly be more heavenly?

Here’s our selection of the best ones to buy now.

Friars Luxury Gin Easter Egg, Amazon, £24.99

Friars Luxury Gin Easter Egg

Everybody loves a box of goodies and here’s one that stuffed full of chocolate and gin surprises. The egg itself is a crazy combination of gin, peanut butter, and vanilla. Then there’s the white chocolate duck and truffles to contend with. That’s without mentioning the glorious Bombay Sapphire miniature.

Friars Luxury Gin Easter Egg, Amazon, £24.99

Tesco Finest Gin and Elderflower Egg, Tesco, £10

If your taste buds enjoy something a little different, then feast your senses on this winning combination of dark chocolate, gin and elderflower. The hollow egg also contains matching gin and elderflower truffles in the centre.

Tesco Finest Gin and Elderflower Egg, Tesco, £10

Gin and Tonic Easter Egg – The Treat Kitchen, £9.95

Believe it or not, here’s a gin Easter egg with a hint of your favourite mixer. The egg itself is actually made from white chocolate with gin flavouring and lime tonic.

If you love nothing more than a wedge of lime in your G&T or the taste of a Gimlet cocktail, here’s one for you. You can also add in gin and tonic sweets for a delicious £19.95. (Pictured at top)

Gin and Tonic Easter Egg, The Treat Kitchen, £9.95 / £19.95 (with box and boiled gin and tonic sweets)

Prestat London Gin Truffle Easter Egg, John Lewis, £15

Here’s one we’ve had our eye on since last year. Prestat’s Easter egg is flavoured with lemon oil and filled with decadent gin truffles.

Amazingly, when you bite into the truffles they’re meant to fizz on your tongue, to represent that delicious sensation you get from sipping a G&T.

Prestat London Gin Truffle Easter Egg, Liberty London, £17.95

Chocolate Gin O’Clock Easter Egg, Choc on Choc, £15

If you know someone who loves gin o’ clock as much as we do, then consider gifting this egg. Complimented by little chocolate chicks, we love the gin bottle detail on the egg itself.

Chocolate Gin O’Clock, Choc on Choc, £15 

Edinburgh Gin Easter Egg, John Lewis, £12.50

If you just can’t get enough of dreamy gin liqueurs, then you must pick up an Edinburgh Gin Easter egg. Each hollow chocolate egg comes with a perfect stand and a matching gin miniature.

Edinburgh Gin Easter Egg, John Lewis, £14.00 (these are not yet available for sale this year but keep your eyes peeled for any updates).


Ashleigh Gibbs