Hold on to your gin Easter eggs, Hot Cross Bun Gin is here

In the latest slew of awesome sweet gins, there’s a new adult twist on Easter.

Say hello to Hot Cross Bun gin! The latest sweet gin to catch our eyes is a boozy approximation of the Easter treat.

Yep, Gin Tales had the wondrous idea to create a booze modelled after the seasonal sweet bun studded with sultanas. The buns are more typically toasted and slathered in butter rather than bottled, but who’s complaining?

Now available from Not On The High Street, the gin is said to be made of “citrus, sultanas and Easter spices” like cinnamon and nutmeg.

The gin contains bits of real fruit and natural flavours, so remember to give the bottle a little whirl before pouring.

Gin Tales recommends serving their gin with Fever Tree Premium Tonic and your fruit of choice. In fact, a nice juicy wedge of orange would compliment the spices quite deliciously.

If you’re thinking what we’re thinking, you could no doubt pair Hot Cross Bun Gin with a set of gin Easter eggs for the ultimate Easter gin trifecta.

Whilst hot cross bun gin may be a new concept to some gin lovers, Gin Tales aren’t the only ones to debut this Easter gin.

Last year Sipsmith offered a limited edition Hot Cross Bun Gin in their subscription service. The jury’s out on further hot cross bun gins on the market this season, but watch this space.

Gin Tales Hot Cross Gin (37.5% ABV) is available from Not On The High Street, £35, and directly from Gin Tales, £32

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Ketsuda Phoutinane