Orange marmalade gin is here for when spreadable gin isn’t enough

It might seem a bit odd to associate gin with breakfast items but think “Breakfast Martini” and you’ll instantly get the idea. The world of gin and preserves have actually been meeting together for some time now, with spreadable gin and tonic marmalade the latest.

Did you know, however, that you can also experience everybody’s favourite toast companion in gin form? You don’t need to shake it up in a cocktail, this orange marmalade gin from Aber Falls is here to give your G&Ts an orange twist.

This gin features a balance of sweet and bitter orange flavours that compliments piney juniper. The result is a gin that is deliciously citrus, with a warming aftertaste.

Although fairly new to the UK, Aber Falls Distillery (based in Abergwyngregyn, Wales)  have made a real splash in the gin world with this orange-y offering. “Nectar of the gods” is how one reviewer has described it over on Amazon, despite not being a fan of marmalade itself. Others have praised the gin for its unusual flavour, beautiful taste and refreshing nature.

We have to say we just love the design. The bottle is complimented beautifully by the Aber Falls logo, the Triquetra, which is a trinity knot inspired by Celtic symbology.

You can also buy gin and tonic marmalade if you fancy an accompaniment.

For the perfect serve, simply add your orange marmalade gin to white wine and soda water for a citrus fizz cocktail. If you just love tea with your marmalade, however, add Darjeeling tea cordial, lemon juice and soda water for the ultimate g&tea!

Just don’t forget the gin and tonic marmalade if you fancy making up your very own Martini. Then add a humble slice of toast for the ultimate finish.

Aber Falls Orange Marmalade Gin is available on Amazon now for £22. 


Ashleigh Gibbs