Asda is selling a gin house and it’s only a fiver

Anyone familiar with Hendrick’s will be aware of the brand’s simply gorgeous house gift sets. For around £20, the box housed two bottles of gin in its decorative packaging.

Only problem was the sets tended to be limited edition and sold out quickly.

Enter Asda, who have since launched their very own gin house for a bargain price. Now, you can now pick up one of these delightful sets for a FIVER in limited stores only.

Featuring four quality gins and matching Fever-Tree tonic waters, the sets are the perfect way to sample gins you’ve always fancied but haven’t tried yet.

The box includes miniatures of Tanqueray, Opihr, Gordon’s and JJ Whitley. Mediterranean, Lemon, Naturally Light, and Premium tonic waters completes the impressive line-up.

Considering the price of one Fever-Tree tonic water is around £2 by itself, this set is a must for any gin lover. Even if you manage to pick this set up for its original price of £12, its novel design and fabulous selection makes it a real treasure.

The Asda Gin House resembles a similar Hendrick's product at the fraction of the cost

The Gin House resembles a similar Hendrick’s product at the fraction of the cost

Each product sits behind a window on this beautiful packaging, which would make the ideal gift for someone special… or maybe just for you.

If you fancy getting your hands on it, it appears that the offer is an in-store deal only and could be limited to specific branches. Stock will also likely be subject to availability.

Given how novel this product is, we expect them to fly off the shelves.


Ashleigh Gibbs

Ashleigh Gibbs is a Digital Content Producer and is based in Dundee.