Poetic License release new pepper chilli gin and it looks hot stuff

If there’s one brand that’s really delighted us with their experimental gin, it’s Poetic License. Fresh from bamboozling us with Espresso Gin, the distillery have announced a new addition to their Rarities collection and wow, does it look hot.

We mean quite literally, most definitely hot. This gin includes sweet bell pepper and naga chilli to create a savoury gin that looks simply gin-credible.

Ok, so before you set yourself ablaze with sheer excitement, it appears the gin isn’t quite the pepper challenge you imagine. Poetic License have assured us that you won’t need a water supply on standby:

“This gin will blow your socks off with flavour, but not with heat. It is milder than you may expect from such potent chillies.”

The distillery promises a smoky and sweet drinking experience. Bell peppers often give a savoury dish a sweet undertone, while the chilli brings a gentle heat to proceedings.

Rather than a full-blown heat explosion, you can expect a a velvety mouthfeel with a gentle tingle at the back of the palate.

The Rarities collection has also formerly included an Espresso version…

What’s interesting for fans of challenge, however, is the longer you leave it the more tingly it gets.

The gin should leave a lingering warmth full of fruity pepper flavour and a very subtle smokiness from earthy chillies.

The idea, we imagine, is a drink that matches heat content with flavour. Rather than numbing the roof of your mouth, this gin looks to preserve a balance of flavour with just a bit of warmth.

The result should be unique and delicious gin we simply can’t wait to try.

You can pre-order the gin now over on the Poetic License website for £34.95.

Delivery is expected from 19 March so don’t delay in getting your limited edition gin now. A one-off creation, you might not get another chance to experience this creative flavour fusion.


Ashleigh Gibbs

Ashleigh Gibbs is a Digital Content Producer and is based in Dundee.