Malfy now does a sunny blood orange edition

Anyone familiar with Malfy will immediately think of a bright yellow and blue bottle. Renowned for their lemon gin, the brand brings out the best of Italian produce.

Recently, however, the brand have been expanding their line-up. First with the release of juniper-forward gin Originale Italian, and now this super sunny blood orange edition.

Distilled with actual Sicilian blood oranges and Italian juniper, this gin will remind you of that holiday you ought to book.

Five additional botanicals; angelica root, orris root, coriander and lemon and grapefruit peel ensures that this new con Arancia gin just bursts with zesty, citrus notes.

Expect the scent of orange blossom in your glass, while surprising raspberry-like flavours are balanced by herbal notes. Finally, a burst of zest gives you that sweet hit of orange you expect.

That’s not all, however. Not only does this gin contain blood orange but it’s actually vibrant orange in colour.

That means, gin lovers, now you can enjoy a whole range of orange cocktails and essentially pretend you’re in Italy.

For a super simple orange-y G&T, just add a premium tonic water and garnish with a slice of (Sicilian) orange. Alternatively, go for the true taste of Italy and try Fever-Tree Sicilian Lemonade.

If you’re feeling experimental, go for a blood orange gin fizz. Either top your Malfy gin with Prosecco or add peach liqueur or soda water for a refreshing update. Then garnish with a blood orange slice to really compliment the gorgeous colouring of this gin.

We know 2018 is the year of violet gin but it seems blood orange is also making its mark. We’ve already seen the launch of Whitley Neill’s Blood Orange Gin back in January but this latest release really takes that concept to new heights.

Move over purple cocktails; orange-coloured gin is the way to go.

Malfy Con Arancia is available now from When We Are Giants. You can also pick it up for £28.76 from Amazon. 


Ashleigh Gibbs