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Sharish Blue Gin magically changes colour when you add tonic

Featured Image for Sharish Blue Gin magically changes colour when you add tonic
Images: Amazon / The Tipsy Muse

Just because violet gin has taken over our imagination, doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about colour changing gin.

We first featured this back in January when we gleefully discovered Empress 1908 gin and proceeded to declare our love of all things mauve with purple cocktails.

This gin also draws its magical powers from an ingredient known as butterfly pea flower.

An all-natural ingredient, the flower often features in tea and is well-known for being full of antioxidants.

In gin, however, the flower makes the drink go from blue to pink with the addition of tonic.

The recommended way to enjoy the illusion is to pour the gin into a large glass with ice and garnish, then follow with your favourite tonic.  You’ll see your G&T change colour before your eyes.

It’s also got a pretty tasty line-up of botanicals including apple and vanilla for anyone willing and ready to dive into this treat.

That’s not all this incredible colour changing gin can achieve, however.

If you’re looking for serious cocktail inspiration this spring, The Tipsy Muse – aka Vivian Cromwell – has created this masterpiece:

Featuring an actual edible blue flower, this cocktail has spring garden party all over it. It’s made from Sharish Blue Gin, tea syrup, lime juice, egg white and rose water spray.

So now when you’ve finished gazing in wonder at your new party trick, simply make up this and you’ll be wowing guests all over again.

Sharish Blue Magic is available from Amazon now for £31.99.

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